Why You Cannot Diagnose Your Own Smile Concerns

Of course, you can try with all of your might and intelligence to diagnose your own oral health problems. You may even do a bunch of research and end up getting it right every now and then. However, the very possible outcome of your attempt at pretending to be your own dentist? You get it wrong, you put your smile’s health and future in jeopardy, and you find yourself wishing you’d simply come in to see our Southlake, TX team in the first place! However, you may still be asking: But what if I’m really good at identifying symptoms? If so, take a stroll through some important factors for a clearer understanding!

Symptoms Can Point To A Variety Of Issues

Let’s make this simple by using one symptom as an example. Let’s say you have bad breath. Did you know that this can mean you have a cavity or that you need a dental cleaning or that you have dry mouth or that you have a tooth infection or that you just need to brush and floss better or … you get the picture! When changes arise, our team reminds you that it could mean one of several different things! So, rather than make assumptions, it’s best for your oral health for you to receive a professional diagnosis.

Sometimes, Obvious Signs Aren’t Even Present

Sometimes, you may find that you are dealing with an oral health problem that we discover during a routine dental checkup, only to feel completely shocked. Why? Well, because you never experienced any symptoms. Remember, this is why you cannot necessarily diagnose your own smile issues: They may occur literally right under your nose without you having any idea that they’re transpiring! Even an infected tooth may fly under the radar. It’s always best to remember to leave the diagnosing to us!

You Need Professional Training (And Advanced Technology)

Guess what? It takes us more than just a quick question-and-answer session with you to find out what’s happening with your oral health. We need not only to hear about your symptoms but also to thoroughly examine your smile, which will usually include advanced technology (like digital X-rays) and our years of training an experience! So, if something seems like it might be wrong, see our team for a checkup.

Receive A Professional Diagnosis

Head to our practice if you are dealing with any type of concern with your smile, rather than attempting to diagnose yourself. We remind you that when you see us, we will quickly help you repair your oral health! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.