What Your Tooth Decay Might Be Communicating To You

Your tooth decay isn’t going to give you a phone call or yell something to you from your mouth, of course. However, when you spend some time considering the cavity in your tooth, you’ll quickly realize that there are some things it is communicating to you that, if you’re savvy enough to pick up on, will help you avoid additional problems in the future! So, what might those particular details include, you ask our Southlake, TX team? Get started with some of our examples and you’ll quickly catch on.

You’re Missing A Spot!

If you’re dealing with tooth decay, then your cavity may be trying to tell you that you’ve been missing a spot when you’re brushing your teeth. Remember, of course, that your molars are highly grooved and are often difficult to clean thoroughly, so there is certainly room for error! However, with that said, if you can agree that you could be doing a better job, now is the time to improve. Make sure you’re thorough, which means brushing all of your teeth and all surfaces, as you take a full two minutes to complete this part of your dental hygiene session. Do it twice daily for best results!

Your Care Is Almost Good Enough

Again, your tooth decay may be telling you that your smile care is almost good enough but it’s falling short just enough for bacteria to remain on your teeth and to cause a cavity. So, if you’re already brushing quite well, what else might you be missing? Remember that in addition to your brushing twice daily, you also need to be very mindful of flossing every day without fail. Decay can form on any part of your dental tissue, which means removing plaque along your gumline and from between teeth is very important, too!

You’re Missing Your Visits

Your tooth decay is also sending you a loud-and-clear message about your dental cleanings with our team, if you’re not keeping up with them. It’s saying: Hey, make sure you set up your professional preventive visits twice a year because they really do help you avoid the development of cavities! Plus, visits with us allow you to receive a filling sooner than later, should any decay occur.

Make Your Care Even Better

Don’t let an experience with tooth decay get you down! Instead, consider it a reminder to step up your game a bit, as you visit our team for your preventive care consistently and improve your approach at home! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.