Snoring: Why Does Mine Get Worse In The Fall?

You may feel like your snoring gets worse in the fall. The first thing we would like to remind you, with that said, is that our Southlake, TX team offers snoring treatment, so no matter the month or time of year you feel it’s at its worst, you should most certainly come in to see us very soon for care! As for what’s going on, and why this cozy time of year tends to bring out the worst in your unpleasant sleep sounds, we can offer up some helpful insight for that, as well. The more you know, the easier it will be to say bye-bye to that nighttime snoring!

Travel Might Mean: More People Notice

Do you do a lot of traveling in the autumn? Perhaps you have people traveling to see you from out of town. After all, the weather cools down, Thanksgiving arrives, and you’re more likely to be staying in a relatives’ house for a night. We remind you that if you have more people than usual making comments about your snoring, it may simply seem as though your snoring is much worse than usual (when, in reality, you just have a bigger audience).

Fall Allergies Are A Thing!

You might assume that allergies are only something that occur in the spring season. However, remember that depending on the pollen you’re allergic to, such as ragweed, you may end up having a much harder time with upper respiratory congestion when fall shows up! As a result, your snoring may worsen because your airways are partially blocked due to inflammation and the aforementioned congestion factor!

Hidden Ingredients In Fall Favorites Promote It

Remember: When you’re not relying on any snoring treatment, your throat tissues are collapsing a bit when you sleep. This is because your muscles become too relaxed. The contact between tissues leads to those loud noises as you breathe. So, anything that contributes to the additional relaxation of your muscles (like alcohol) can make matters worse. Hint: If you tend to enjoy a hot toddy or Irish coffee when the weather cools, this can make matters worse!

Stop It Altogether With Our Treatment

Great news! You can make things better not only by treating allergies and watching out for hidden ingredients but also by seeing our team. We offer snoring treatment to keep those airways open, so breathing freely and comfortably during sleep is a cinch.

Treat Your Snoring Problem Today

Come in to see our friendly team just as soon as you are ready to address your snoring! Remember that we are here to see you any time of year and offer both advice, as well as effective care. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.