Hygiene-Related Problems: What’s This Mean?

You may have always thought that dental problems were just that: All lumped together in the same category because they all have something to do with your smile. Then, one day, you hear the term hygiene-related problem mentioned and you think to yourself, doesn’t it all have to do with my hygiene? What differentiates this from any other type of concern? The truth is, there are various distinctions! Generally speaking, you will find that an oral health issue you’re experiencing will be considered to be related to your hygiene or may be a functional concern. Feeling like this is way outside of your realm of current smile care knowledge? Not to worry. Our Southlake, TX team can clear the details right up!

They’re Related To The Cleanliness Of Your Smile

You wonder, what does it mean when we talk about hygiene-related problems? For starters, remember that this is in reference to how well you keep your smile clean. The approach to maintaining a clean smile, of course, includes brushing your teeth as we suggest, flossing your smile as we suggest, and also scheduling visits to see us for dental cleanings as we suggest!

Too Much Bacteria And Debris Bring Problems

Now, about what happens when you’re not paying close attention to dental hygiene: You’re not getting your smile clean, as mentioned. With that said, you may wonder what that means. In short, it means you’re allowing bacteria and debris to accumulate. This leads to the formation of tartar. Over time, you quickly become more likely to deal with associated problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease!

Hygiene-Related And Functional Are Different

So, if you know why a hygiene-related problem is now, you wonder: What else is there? Generally speaking, there are also functional concerns with your oral health, which are not related to how clean your smile is. Instead, these are associated with the structures that are already in place and how well they are working, such as how well your jaw joints are working or whether you’re dealing with something like excessive grinding/clenching, called bruxism. Learn more by coming in to see our team, so we may help you keep your smile safe, and so you better understand your smile care!

Address Hygiene-Related Concerns With Us

See our team soon, regardless of the type of problem you think you may be experiencing, so we can guide you away from concerns and damage and instead, back on a path toward exceptional oral health! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.