Dry Mouth: Say Goodbye To Those Symptoms ASAP!

Yes, you know it well: It’s called dry mouth and it is making your mouth feel, well … weird. You used to not really think about your mouth and the daily functions that it provides but here you are, without enough saliva, and you’re noticing lots and lots of stuff you don’t necessarily enjoy. What’s going on, what can you do, and how can you get those symptoms to take a hike? Fortunately, our Southlake, TX practice can offer you all of the information and care you need to have a happy, comfortable smile once again.

Identify Symptoms

You may know that something is up with your oral health but you may not necessarily have recognized that they are due to dry mouth. That is, until now! We remind you that when your mouth is short on saliva, it can really change things! For instance, if you don’t have enough moisture, it may cause foods to taste strange, it may make eating more difficult, your mouth may simply feel dry, your mouth may feel sticky, your saliva that you do have may feel thick, you may develop bad breath, your tongue may burn a bit, and the list goes on and on!

Drink Water For Immediate Relief

When you are dealing with dry mouth, you may guess that you should probably drink more water. In this case, this logical assumption is absolutely correct! First, it can help offer lubrication where you are missing some, as it rinses away bacteria and food particles that saliva usually removes. Next, of course, is the fact that water may improve hydration, which is possibly at the root of your concern!

Schedule A Checkup With Us Right Away

As always, remember that it’s tricky and nearly impossible to figure out oral health issues on your own. Identifying and treating problems with your smile is what we do best, so bring your dry mouth concerns in for a dental checkup soon!

Follow Our Suggestions To Address The Problem

Whether we provide you with tips for your daily care at home or suggest a particular dental treatment for you to receive with our team, remember to follow through! When you ignore dry mouth, you are not only allowing symptoms to run rampant but you are also promoting the development of associated problems, such as tooth decay! Get your oral health back into wonderful shape with our care.

Treat Dry Mouth With Us

Don’t take dry mouth into your own hands if you notice that this issue is persistent. Instead, all you have to do is schedule dental checkup with our team, as you then follow through on care we suggest! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.