4 Things Soda Is Definitely Doing To Your Smile

If you’re an avid drinker of sodas and you can happily say it’s one of your favorite beverages to consume … or if you’re an occasional drinker (meaning, at least a few times a week) … then there are some things you should definitely know. When consumed more often than “once in a blue moon,” this drink is a serious threat to your smile health! Of course, you may think that there are ways around this, such as drinking diet, but the truth of the matter follows: Sodas are very acidic, which means they’re doing some not-so-lovely things to your teeth and oral health. Let our Southlake, TX team fill you in, so you’re well informed!

#1: Depositing Color

When you drink sodas that are anything but clear, you are depositing color onto your teeth. Remember that most soda that you consume has some strong coloring in it, which means whether it’s bright yellow or orange, red, hot pink, deep purple, brown, or otherwise, you’re headed toward discoloration every time you drink it. Sip with caution (and remember, as well, that rinsing with water immediately after you drink soda will help you avoid stains, as well as oral health problems!).

#2: Eroding Your Enamel

About those “other problems”: When you drink soda, you’re contributing to acid erosion each and every time. What’s this, you ask our team? Well, it’s when you drink anything acidic (hint, all soda is acidic), and those acids coat your teeth and break them down over time. The more frequently you do this, the softer and more damaged that outer tissue layer becomes. This means bad things for your smile because that layer is your protective tissue that keeps your teeth strong and healthy and safe!

#3: Encouraging Additional Stains

Even if you’re drinking clear soda, we want you to remember that since it is eroding and weakening your enamel, it’s leaving your teeth much more likely to incur staining from any other foods or drinks you consume. Once your teeth develop a damaged surface, they are more likely to discolor, so skipping or limiting soda is definitely to the advantage of your smile’s esthetics and oral health.

#4: Promoting Tooth Decay

You won’t be surprised to learn that damaged enamel is also more greatly prone to tooth decay, so keep this in mind as you drink soda (and remember it’s another good reason to follow it with water!).

Protect Your Smile From Erosion 

Come in when you are concerned about your smile, you think it needs improvement, and you have questions about your long-term habits. Keep in mind that our team is here to help you with it all! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.