Month: September 2019

Hygiene-Related Problems: What’s This Mean?

You may have always thought that dental problems were just that: All lumped together in the same category because they all have something to do with your smile. Then, one day, you hear the term hygiene-related problem mentioned and you think to yourself, doesn’t it all have to do with my hygiene? What differentiates this… Read more »

Monarch Butterfly Festival 2019

What’s more mesmerizing and delightful than seeing a butterfly floating through the air, landing on a flower, and fluttering nearby? If you can think of practically nothing, then just imagine witnessing a butterfly release of more of these delicate-winged beauties than you’ve ever seen! Fortunately, you may experience this in our very own Southlake, TX… Read more »

Top 4 Halloween Candy Types To Avoid

If you guess that no matter the Halloween candy you reach for, it’s just as bad as any other because it’s full of sugar, our Southlake, TX team reminds you to think again! The truth is, that while anything that loads your smile up with sugar is certainly not good for your oral health by… Read more »

Important Ways To Think About Restorative Dentistry

The way you think about restorative dentistry can have quite a direct impact on whether or not you come to us for restorations, when your smile is in need of repair! For instance, if you feel uneasy, a bit fearful, or unsure about this field of dental care, you may tend to stay away or… Read more »

4 Things Soda Is Definitely Doing To Your Smile

If you’re an avid drinker of sodas and you can happily say it’s one of your favorite beverages to consume … or if you’re an occasional drinker (meaning, at least a few times a week) … then there are some things you should definitely know. When consumed more often than “once in a blue moon,”… Read more »

The Restorative Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

If you need to improve your smile’s appearance by addressing several different cosmetic concerns, then porcelain veneers can seem like an obvious choice. However, modern veneers are more than just cosmetic solutions, and their high durability can make them just as beneficial as a restorative option. At our Southlake, TX, dental office, we may suggest… Read more »

Western Wednesdays At Harkins Theatres! 

Howdy, there, cowboys and cowgirls! Have a hankerin’ for an opportunity to wear your best Western wear? Happen to enjoy a gritty, tough, throwback Western flick from time to time, too? Why not combine these two passions by attending the upcoming Western Wednesdays at Harkins Theatres in our very own Southlake, TX community? You’ll get… Read more »

Snoring: Why Does Mine Get Worse In The Fall?

You may feel like your snoring gets worse in the fall. The first thing we would like to remind you, with that said, is that our Southlake, TX team offers snoring treatment, so no matter the month or time of year you feel it’s at its worst, you should most certainly come in to see… Read more »

Smile Care: Wants, Needs, And Waiting

Your dental care is rather straightforward in terms of what it takes to keep your smile healthy, what to do if you should require a repair, and the fact that there are treatments that can even help you improve its beauty. That is, it’s all very simple to understand and practice, when you have answers… Read more »

Why You’re Wrong If You Think Cosmetic Care Isn’t For You

You may have one of those brief moments, during which you feel excited at the prospect of cosmetic dental care for your smile but you then quickly shut the thought out. After all, you guess it’s not for you, just for other people, so that means you’re probably stuck with whatever imperfections are currently affecting… Read more »