Tooth Infection Detection: Things To Be Aware Of 

You know some things about tooth infections. You know that they’re bad news, you know that they’re typically avoidable with preventive care (but that sometimes, bacteria can sneak into teeth anyway), and you know that our Southlake, TX team can help you treat them. However, as for the deeper details, such as how to know whether infection has begun to develop, how to identify symptoms, and more, you may feel like you could definitely use a quick, condensed course in the all-important particulars. Lucky for you, your course awaits!

You Might Not Detect It (Hint: Attend Your Checkups)

You may not necessarily be able to detect the presence of a tooth infection. Will you probably discover it eventually, you ask? Of course, at some point, it will become a serious infection and you will deal with some level of symptoms. However, as the infection develops, it may remain silent. So, we always offer our patients this very strong and significant reminder: It’s extremely important that you schedule your dental checkups and cleanings with us. When you are up-to-date on checkups, we see you so regularly that we can find infections early, so you don’t have to find them much later, once they’ve progressed.

Severe Symptoms May Signal Infection

We know you may be scratching your head right now, wondering: Really? I won’t notice a tooth infection? Again, sometimes they’re nearly impossible to detect as they begin. In other instances, however, you may deal with severe symptoms that let you know something isn’t right with your oral health! If anything out of the ordinary occurs, from mild to throbbing pain, a bump on your gum tissue, bad breath, etc., call us.

It Can Become Dangerous (So Treat It!)

Our team also wants you to remember that a tooth infection is very dangerous when left untreated. At first, it may just be uncomfortable. However, when it’s completely overlooked and unaddressed, it can abscess, it can spread, it can enter your bloodstream, and serious consequences both to your oral health and overall health may follow. Keep up with dental care!

Antibiotics Aren’t The Answer

You may not feel too worried about tooth infections most of the time because you figure a round of antibiotics will fix things. However, this isn’t the case with your teeth. You’ll generally need a root canal (or an extraction in severe cases). Keep up with prevention, so you can avoid infections to the best of your ability!

Keep Up With Prevention To Detect Infection 

Remember that keeping up with your preventive care will help you prevent infected tissue or will ensure that we detect and can then immediately treat any issue, infection included, so you easily maintain your oral health. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.