Quick Candidacy Questions (And Answers) About Bridges

Before you really get into the final decision to choose a dental bridge for your tooth replacement, it hits you: Whether or not you’re a candidate for this unique treatment has not yet been something you have verified. In fact, you’re not really sure what the requirements are! Of course, our Southlake, TX team reassures you that you aren’t the first to know that a bridge most certainly provides the replacement of partial tooth loss without really knowing much else about it! To get started, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with our friendly team, so we can determine your candidacy, as we help you explore options!

Do You Want A Fixed Tooth Replacement?

First, remember that your candidacy rests in part on whether or not you want a particular treatment. If you want it, then you’re headed toward becoming a candidate. If not, then it’s time to seek out other options. With that said, we want to know: Are you interested in a fixed device over a removable one? If so, then good! A dental bridge is fixed! If not, then it’s time to consider dentures!

Are Your Anchor Teeth Healthy?

If you are not sure about the health of your teeth that sit on either side of your smile’s opening, due to missing teeth, then it’s time to find out. Come in for a checkup with our team! These are referred to as your anchor teeth. They support your future dental bridge, should you choose one. If they’re healthy, then you’re on the road toward candidacy. If not, you may require restorative care or you may need to consider a different replacement option.

How Many Teeth Are You Missing?

We ask you a very simple question that will quickly determine whether you are or are definitely not a candidate: How many teeth are you missing? If you’re missing three or fewer, then you may qualify!

How Are Your Missing Teeth Positioned?

Not so fast! Yes, you may have checked off all of the boxes so far but there’s another very important question about dental bridges: How are those missing teeth of yours positioned? If they’re in a row, you may qualify. If not, you will need to choose something else (and we can help you with that!).

Collaborate With Us For Your Tooth Replacement

Let us know when you’re considering a dental bridge for your tooth replacement solution, so we may help you with the full journey, from determining candidacy to considering all options. Just give us a call! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.