Let Us Help You Feel Confident About: Sleep Apnea Treatment

On one hand, you’re not at all uncertain about the fact that you need sleep apnea treatment. After all, you have sleep apnea, we have talked with you about the potentially negative side effects and long-term lasting results of not treating your sleep disorder, and this means that getting back to sleep every night is most certainly positive. However, there’s just this nagging feeling you get about one or two things in particular, which keep you from feeling fully confident. If you think it’s just you, think again! Our Southlake, TX team speaks to concerns that we hear from many of our patients.

It’s Totally Drug Free!

We know that, particularly if you are taking any type of medicine at all for any reason, you worry about having to add another pill into the mix. The good news with sleep apnea treatment at our practice is that it is completely drug free! You will be wearing a mouthguard, which we refer to as an oral appliance, that helps position your mouth and jaws in a special way in order to promote breathing. As you can tell, this has nothing to do with taking medication!

The Appliance Is Only Worn During Sleep

Worried about sleep apnea treatment because you really want to protect yourself, your health, and your sleep but you really don’t want to wear an oral appliance out in public? Not to worry. You don’t need to wear it anywhere but in your bed! Place it in your mouth before you close your eyes for the night and then take it off first thing in the morning. It’s that simple and unobtrusive.

Yes, It’s Custom-Fitted And Comfortable

No, you’re not going to be going home to wear an uncomfortable, poorly fitting mouthguard that we expect everyone to be able to wear. You can, instead, expect a custom-fitted device that’s just for you and that will offer comfortable improvement, so you can follow through happily with the process.

Yep, It Helps With Snoring, Too!

As you will learn when you come in for a dental visit with us to discuss your potential sleep apnea, if you suffer from this sleep disorder, a common side effect is loud snoring! Fortunately, you may treat your sleep apnea and this loud side effect when you being sleep apnea treatment with us.

Treat Sleep Apnea With Beneficial Care

Talk with us if you are interested in coming in for sleep apnea treatment but you are feeling hesitant because you need to learn more about oral appliance therapy. Contact us soon for a visit! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.