CSHS Women In Technology Club: Intro To Coding (For Kids)

Do you keep hearing about coding, as you take a look at the amazing things your kids can do on their tablets and computers, as you wonder about their potential? As you remember how easy it was to pick up new information as a kiddo, you may put two and two together and recognize that learning to program would probably be fun, beneficial, and a complete breeze! If only you could find somewhere in our Southlake, TX community for your kids to get a quick education. Good news: The upcoming CSHS Women In Technology Club: Intro To Coding is just the ticket!

What Is This Class?

This is a chance for your kids to receive introductory education in the world of coding, as it is taught by the Carroll Senior High School (CSHS) Women in Technology Club! Just make sure your child has a Wi-Fi-ready device, so he or she can start learning and start coding right away!

When Is It Going To Take Place?

Enjoy this coding event on September 12th, 2019 from 5pm to 6pm.

Where May We Attend?

This programming event is taking place at the Southlake Library, located at:

1400 Main Street
3rd Floor
Southlake, TX 76092

How May We Learn More?

Have a question (or more)? Call 817-748-8243 for answers!

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