Things That Will Always Work In Your Smile’s Favor

There are some times when you start wondering to yourself: Is this going to be okay for my smile or not? In those moments, you have to do your best with the knowledge that you have to make a decision (and then, of course, ask us for additional insight when we next see you). On the other hand, our Southlake, TX team hopes you will remember that there are some very specific things for which you never have to second guess yourself. Consider what we mean and you’ll have some go-to options that help you feel certain you’re keeping your oral health in check!

Avoiding Something That Could Cause Damage

There are some foods, beverages, choices, and more that you can immediately identify as bad for your smile and your oral health. We remind you that when you have this type of running list in your mind, it will always work in your smile’s favor to avoid them! For instance, maybe you want a tall glass of lemonade but you know it can contribute to acid erosion. Maybe you want a glass of red wine but you know it can stain your teeth. Perhaps you want to try to carry a grocery bag with your teeth but you know it can break them. When you avoid these problematic things, you are keeping your smile safe. See? Easy.

Seeing Us For Dental Care

Seeing us for dental care of any type will always be to your smile’s advantage. There is never a time that you will come in for anything from a preventive visit to restorative care to a cosmetic treatment during which you’ll think anything other than, “This was a wonderful decision for my smile!” Remember, keeping up with professional care is one key factor in your journey toward maintaining your best possible oral health!

Practicing Dental Hygiene At Home

There’s absolutely never going to be a time when practicing your dental hygiene is going to be a waste. Of course, it’s true that when you are brushing and flossing and receiving dental cleanings from our team, it makes your care at home even more effective. However, choosing to simply opt out of the smile cleansing we suggest you practice twice every day will most certainly become detrimental to your oral health. Following through with it will always yield benefits. It’s a pretty simple decision! Have questions about best hygiene practices? Just let us know!

Make Your Smile Care Effective 

Keep in mind that all it really takes to keep your smile in wonderful condition is choosing to perform the dental care we suggest. Come to our practice for a checkup and cleaning, during which we can offer complete advice! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.