Smile Care: Wants, Needs, Considerations

When you start thinking about your dental care with our Southlake, TX team, you may find that you are well aware that there are certain things you need for your smile, based on our recommendations and your instinctual understanding that you’d like a healthy smile. Then, there are things you occasionally think about that you want for your grin. At other times, we may mention things for you to consider that you might not need (and may not necessarily want at the time but later think might be a good idea). The problem? You’re not always sure what fits in which category. Let’s sort out some details, so you can better distinguish between them!

Smile Wants

Let’s start with smile wants. When we talk about something you want, we are putting it up in contrast against something you need or require. Wants are things that you would like to have but that, without them, will not deprive your oral health in any way. However, you may feel interested in these dental treatments in order to improve the way your smile looks! Wants in dental care generally include cosmetic care, such as teeth whitening or veneers. In your home smile care, they may include dental hygiene products that have extra features, interesting flavors, etc. Ready for cosmetic improvements? Come in soon!

Oral Health Needs

Now, onto your dental care needs! These, as mentioned, are those details that directly impact your ability to maintain a healthy smile. They can include preventive dental care, which might mean coming in for required dental checkups and visits every six months (or brushing and flossing at home). Without them, you may end up with tooth decay and other concerns. Or, should problems develop, your smile care needs will include restorative care, in order to quickly address and repair disease and/or damage, so you can get your oral health back on track!


Now, let’s talk about the dental care details we may encourage you to consider not because you need them but because you may be pleased with the outcome (even if they were not on your radar initially). For instance, you may want to think about replacing old metal fillings with beautiful white fillings. This may be a safer choice and will definitely offer esthetic improvement. You may also consider replacing other dental work (such as metal crowns). Or, when you need to replace missing teeth, you might select implants instead of traditionally supported prosthetics.

Make Dental Care Easy

In order to make dental care as easy and as successful as possible, we encourage you to come out to visit our team just as soon as you can. Set up a consultation or dental checkup to get headed in the right direction. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.