Fillings For Your Smile: 4 Things You Can Count On! 

You might not know how to feel about dental fillings, even though you’re pretty sure that you should receive one when we suggest it. Nobody wants to walk around with a cavity that’s uncomfortable and that’s going to continue to grow (and that will end up causing additional problems down the line). However, you may wonder: Can you count on fillings? Allow our Southlake, TX team to answer that (with a big yes) by offering some details associated with fillings that you can absolutely always count on!

#1: That It Will Look Wonderful

One thing that you can always count on when you decide to treat your cavity with a dental filling from our practice is that it will look wonderful! Here’s what we mean when we say that: The filling will be something that you cannot notice. Others won’t notice it. This is because it’s tooth-colored and matched to the hue of the rest of your tooth. So the filling itself won’t inspire awe. Instead, your tooth will just look whole and healthy again, so this part of your smile can look wonderful!

#2: That It Will Stop The Decay

Remember that when you’re coming in for a dental filling from our team, the primary reason that we’re offering you a filling is to restore your oral health! The extra benefit, of course, is that the results look exceptionally natural! As for what we’re accomplishing for your smile’s well being, we are removing decayed tissue and stopping this oral disease from becoming worse! You get right back to life with your grin in healthy shape.

#3: That It Will Restore Structural Stability

There is your healthy tooth before the cavity. Then, there is your not-so-healthy tooth with a cavity. The first is structurally sound. The second? It has a hole in it, so it is susceptible to damage at any second. Ready for the third scenario? There’s your tooth after a dental filling: We’ve removed the problem, filled the opening, and given you a sound structure back!

#4: That It Will Be Easy To Care For

We remind patients all the time that there’s nothing to worry about in terms of what comes after a dental filling. They last. They’re extremely simple to care for (it’s the same brushing, flossing, and visits as always). Pretty fantastic!

Treat Decay With Beautiful Fillings

Address your smile concerns by coming in to our practice for the restorative dental care that you require. Treat cavities with lifelike, tooth-colored dental fillings when decay affects you, so your oral health is safe! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.