End-Of-Summer Smile Planning

It seems just yesterday summer had just begun! You had a whole, nice long season with which to make plans for your smile. If you followed through on them and are merrily on your way toward the end of this sunny time of year with a grin you feel completely good about, then we offer you a round of applause! However, if you have realized that summer will suddenly be over and you have much left to accomplish, allow our Southlake, TX team to help you on your way, so you can welcome in autumn feeling wonderful about your oral health and more!

Plan Back-To-School Visit (Today)

We know that it’s not something that anyone wants to think about just yet. However, we do know you need to start thinking about your kids’ back to school journey because it will suddenly arrive! So, that means it may be time to call us up to schedule a checkup and a cleaning for the end of the season (before classes are back in session). This might be something your school insists on, so don’t delay! The time to talk the details over with us is right away!

Get Cosmetic Care Going Before Summer Is Through!

What were those plans you had for your most beautiful smile ever that you have been putting off all summer long? When you approach summer, dreaming about cosmetic dental care, but you get sidetracked by the many lovely moments that begin as you work your way into June and July, remember: There’s still more than enough summer left for you to come in, to talk with us about your oral health and candidacy for esthetic improvements, and to receive treatment. Come in!

Address Preventive And Restorative Care ASAP

Is it time for a dental cleaning and checkup that you promised yourself you would follow through on before the summer is through? Are you fairly sure you need bruxism treatment? Maybe you have a cavity that you meant to fill at the beginning of the season but here you are, nearly halfway through, and your tooth is starting to hurt. Whatever it is you are in need of, remember that we offer comprehensive preventive dental care and restorative dental care, so you can keep your oral health in fantastic condition. Let us know what you need by giving our team a call soon!

Get End-Of-Summer Smile Care Planned

Set up any final checkups, cleanings, treatments, or consultations you need to schedule if you have plans for your grin that need to happen before summer ends. We look forward to seeing you and offering dental care! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.