Emergency Dental Care: What You Do (Or Don’t) Know 

Figuring out whether it’s a good idea or a not-so-necessary idea to call our team for an emergency dental visit is something that can cause many of our patients quite a lot of confusion! Of course, if you break a tooth and you can see and feel the damage, then you may have no qualms about picking up the phone to get in touch with our Southlake, TX practice. However, sometimes you don’t feel so certain. The final word is, of course, to call us if you think you need us. As for those obvious versus not-so-obvious areas, consider some examples and our helpful advice!

You Know What The Emergency Is

You might know exactly what the emergency is. Maybe you just broke or cracked a tooth. Maybe your tooth has become dislodged. Whatever the case, we remind you that when you’re aware that you’re dealing with a dental emergency that’s going to need restorative care or otherwise, you should contact us immediately to set up an emergency dental visit! Don’t hesitate. Just call.

You Don’t Know What’s Wrong (But It’s Something)

We know that you can get that feeling sometimes that makes you stress. You know something is wrong (perhaps you bit into something hard and now you’re in serious pain) but you don’t know what’s actually happening in your mouth. Again, we remind our patients that when it’s clear something has changed and it’s not good, it’s time to contact our team to schedule an emergency dental visit!

You Know Your Instincts Are Telling You To Call Us

Is there something just tugging at you, telling you that your oral health is on the line and the symptom you’re experiencing needs our care now, not later? Call us. Don’t ignore your instincts when they’re telling you that you need professional dental treatment!

You Don’t Know If It Can Wait

Maybe you have a bad toothache. It’s not completely unmanageable but it’s certainly something you would refer to as “severe.” When you feel that uncertainty, we always suggest you err on the side of over-protection by calling us to discuss an emergency dental visit. This will help you avoid waiting too long for treatment of something that needs it ASAP.

Contact Us ASAP During A Dental Emergency

Call our practice immediately when you feel that you require an emergency dental visit. Remember that we will be able to discuss your symptoms with you when you call, so you can come in with confidence. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.