Dental Crowns: 4 Things That Make Them Amazing!

When you hear that you require a dental crown for your smile, the first thing that pops into your head might not necessarily be, “Hooray! Crowns are so amazing!” However, if that did occur to you, our Southlake, TX team certainly wouldn’t argue! While you may not recognize just what makes this particular restorative dental treatment so exceptional, we are pleased to report that there is a very long list we would be happy to walk you through if you’re ever interested! For now, we’ll stick with a handful of those at the top of the list in terms of impressiveness!

#1: They Look Like Natural Teeth!

One of those lovely things you’ll learn about dental crowns is probably an answer to one of your greatest worries: That the crown is going to look amazing! When we say amazing, of course, we simply mean that you will discover that crowns are made to mimic your natural tooth. We will carefully craft the shape and match the shade, so that you end up with a smile that looks like it’s all your own. An onlooker would not be able to point to the tooth with a crown on it and detect that it’s different from teeth without crowns. How wonderful is that?

#2: You Get Used To Them Quickly

We know that another concern you may have is that it will feel challenging to get used to a dental crown. This is not the case, though. Instead, one of the amazing things about just about any treatment in the world of dental care is that your brain and body can very quickly adapt to the changes that are required. So, while a crown may feel somewhat foreign at first, it will soon feel like another of your natural teeth.

#3: They’re Easy To Maintain

Brush and floss. Come in for dental visits. That’s all that’s required (just like always)!

#4: They Re-Balance Your Bite

If you’re dealing with a significantly damaged tooth, then you already know that structural damage can cause slight or serious changes with your bite. When you close your teeth together, things don’t feel the way they used to! You may find that resting feels strange. You may notice that chewing is more difficult. Saying certain words may even present a challenge! The good news is that a dental crown can fix this by restoring your damaged tooth, as we place this precisely designed prosthetic tooth that gives you your bite balance back. Remember: A balanced smile is important for optimal oral health (and helps you avoid problems like TMJ disorder).

Learn About Crowns And Their Benefits

Come in for restorative care with our team, when you require care for damaged or weakened teeth. Remember to follow through on receiving our beautiful dental crowns for protected oral health. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.