Dental Care: Why Is The Number 2 So Helpful?

Depending, of course, on the way your mind works and how you best commit important details to memory, there are different ways to approach getting your dental care sorted out. From where we are sitting, there happens to be one simple trick that happens to help just about every one of our Southlake, TX patients: It’s relying on the number 2 when you’re doing your best to practice exceptional smile care. Wondering when this number comes into play and how it might help you keep all of your ducks in a row, so to speak? Take some ideas into immediate consideration!

See Us 2 Times Every Year

Let’s start off with how often we should be seeing your lovely smile at our practice for your twice-a-year dental care in the form of a cleaning and checkup! Oops! See what we did there? We refer to your preventive visits as your “twice-annual” appointments because it just comes with the territory. You need to come on in two times a year, which we strongly suggest you schedule in increments of six months. Why? Well, because it’s the easiest way to receive extremely consistent cleanings and smile examinations!

Brush Your Teeth 2 Times Every Day

Good, now you’ve got your visits with us figured out in terms of the number two. So, how about that care you’re so dedicated to at home? The number two comes up in this case because you absolutely must practice dental hygiene twice daily. As you might already know, this will include two daily brushing sessions. Just remember to include a daily flossing routine with one of those sessions (either morning or night) for successful completion of daily preventive care. It will help you keep cavities (and more) away!

Make Brushing Sessions Last 2 Minutes Apiece

We know. You’re wondering: Is there really more? There is! Remember to further apply the number two to your dental care when you’re curious about how many minutes you should spend brushing your smile. The answer is always going to be two minutes. Two in the morning. Two in the evening. Twice a day. See? Stick with the number two and you’ll find that caring for your oral health is quite simple!

Let Us Help Make Dental Care Easier

Take us up on our offer to help you enjoy your easiest, most effective smile care possible! Contact our team to schedule your twice-annual visits with us, which protect your grin, as we offer you advice! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.