4 Questions And 4 Answers: Your Tongue!

If there’s ever been a particular part of one’s oral health that is often a bit misunderstood but that most certainly requires just as much care and attention as any other, it’s your tongue! As a result, you may have what feels like a backlog of a long list of questions you have never asked (the answers to which would actually prove exceptionally beneficial to your ability to practice your best smile care!). To get started, run through a handful of questions (and answers) with our Southlake, TX team, as you gain a more thorough knowledge. For all remaining uncertainty, let us offer additional information during your visits with us!

#1: What If I Burn My Tongue?

We know that when you burn your tongue, it’s uncomfortable and alarming. Fortunately, if you’ve accidentally eaten something too hot (or taken a sip of super hot liquid), there’s a solution: First, quickly dunk your tongue in cold water! Holding it under a running faucet will work well. This will help minimize the development of inflammation. Then, just avoid hot, spicy foods, and feel free to rinse with salt water to keep the area clean.

#2: What If My Tongue Looks White?

It can be a little off-putting and scary when you notice that the surface of your tongue looks white. To begin, what you need to do is brush your tongue! Be gentle but go ahead and remember that if you haven’t been brushing it, you need to begin! It’s possible that you’ve got a bit of bacterial accumulation. With that said, if you brush but your tissue remains white, it’s time to come in for a dental cleaning and checkup to find out what’s going on (and so we can help resolve it).

#3: Is My Tongue Causing My Breath To Smell?

It’s very possible that you’re dealing with an oral health issue related to your tongue that’s causing bad breath! You might have a sore, bacterial buildup on your tongue (usually, if you haven’t been brushing it), or otherwise, which makes your breath smell less than fresh.

#4: Is It Okay To Pierce My Tongue?

It’s up to you. From the perspective of dental professionals (who want you to protect your oral health), a tongue piercing isn’t a wise plan. The area can become infected very easily, extreme swelling may occur, or you may accidentally damage your hard or soft tissues with the piercing.

Learn All About Caring For Your Tongue

Visit our team, as we always suggest, once every six months for your preventive appointment! Remember, when you do so, it’s a wonderful time to ask us all of your questions about your tongue, so you receive new education! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.