Writing Short Workshop 2019

Short stories! They sound pretty simple. It’s just a story but it’s much shorter than a book. So, how to begin? Well, if you approach the writing process only to realize you don’t know quite as much about this art form as you thought but you are very interested in crafting fiction, non-fiction, etc., then you could certainly use a quick infusion of information! Why not attend the Writing Short Workshop in our very own Southlake, TX community, where you will learn the long (and the short) of it?

About This Event

The Writing Short Workshop brings you a few hours of concentrated information that can help you better understand how to craft short stories (and more), as you explore the audience of each area of writing. Enjoy instruction and material, as you become much more aware of what it will take to write and share your works!

Event Location

The workshop will be provided at the Southlake Library, which you can easily find on the third floor of the following address:

1400 Main St
Southlake, TX 76092

Event Date and Time

Become the writer you’ve always wanted to become on June 8th, 2019 from 10am to 1pm!

Remember To Register!

Remember that you must register for this particular event. So, get in contact with the library to ensure your slot is held!

Contact Information

Get in touch with the library to register or to ask questions about this community experience by dialing 817-748-8243.

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