Describe Your Dental Hygiene Routine (Using One Word)

While it’s not always easy to boil down the way you feel about something in to one single word, that’s exactly what we would love for you to do today! When it comes to the way you generally feel toward your dental hygiene routine, our Southlake, TX team wonders, what adjective would you use to describe it? If it’s not a wonderful, fantastic, positive word that implies you absolutely adore your experience with this part of your dental care, then we just might be able to help you make things better! Consider some terms we have heard before and, if you realize it’s to your benefit to come in, give us a call!


If you would probably immediately say that your dental hygiene is boring, then we first and foremost want to remind you that caring for smile at home doesn’t have to feel this way. In fact, it shouldn’t feel this way! If it does, then it makes it more likely that you may eventually back off of this care or start to avoid it, which can mean bad stuff for your oral health. Rather than continue to allow this to be a dreadful part of your day, make smile care fun again by changing the items you use if they’re a snooze. You might want to turn on music, too, while you brush and floss!


Yikes! If your initial reaction is that your dental hygiene is painful, then we have just one suggestion for you that you should follow right away: Come in to see our friendly team just as soon as you can! You might need a filling, you may need help with your gum tissue, or you might simply be brushing and flossing in such a way that it hurts (such as, in a very aggressive manner!). Whatever the case, it should not hurt to care for your teeth and gums.


Standing in the bathroom twice a day, every day, wondering if you’re doing things correctly? If so, then you can probably think of some additional terms for your dental hygiene that aren’t too positive in nature, such as, upsetting! It’s not much fun to brush and floss and put the effort in, all while wondering if you’re really doing anything that will provide results. To fix this, tell us during your checkup that you need guidance. We’re happy to help you.

Discover More About Enjoying Dental Hygiene

Let us know if you’re not thrilled with your dental hygiene these days or if some aspect of your home care is frustrating or difficult. Come in for a checkup and conversation, so we can help you enjoy home care! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.