3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Eating

There are some things that you should probably be doing before you begin eating, whether a snack or a meal. However, you might not be doing them. The good news? You can start right away! The bad news? If you continue to ignore them, you may end up dealing with completely avoidable smile damage! To help you along in ensuring you’re keeping your smile and oral health in exceptional condition, even as you prepare to take the first nibble of a dish that is before you, our Southlake, TX team offers up a handful of simple questions to mention to yourself (silently, of course!) for extra safety.

#1: Is This Food Dangerous For My Smile?

Before you take a bite of any food, take a moment to ask yourself whether the food you’re staring at and are about to consume could hurt your smile. If you think that you’re about to indulge in something that might lead to ruin for your oral health, it’s best to think it through, set your fork down, and consider a different option that won’t send you to our practice for dental crowns!

#2: Could This Food Have Any Hidden Dangers?

Now, when you’re staring at a very tough piece of steak or a cookie that seems hard as a rock, it’s generally very easy to recognize that the selection before you may cause damage to your oral health. However, when you are looking at something with hidden danger, you may forget all about the possibility of a problem and proceed without caution. We remind you: Also ask yourself whether there may be hidden danger, such as seeds, nuts, or pits you cannot see but that could damage your tooth.

#3: Where’s My Glass Of Water?

Are you about to dig into a snack? A meal? If so, a wise question to ask yourself on behalf of your oral health is whether you have a glass of water nearby. If the answer is yes, then you can sip your water, thereby rinsing food particles from your smile as you eat (and you can then rinse when you’re through, if you wish). If the answer is no, you may end up with food just sitting on your teeth, which can promote problems like tooth decay (especially if you just ate something full of carbs or sugar!).

Fix Smile Damage With Our Team

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