Minimize Your Chance Of A Tooth Infection

Is there something about the idea of developing a tooth infection that causes you a bit of anxiety? Are you simply curious about what causes someone to suddenly find themselves with an abscessed tooth and serious pain? Maybe you have realized lately that you actually know very little about how problems develop in your smile, particularly anything other than a cavity. There’s no need to remain in the dark in terms of this or any other oral health question. Remember that our Southlake, TX team will always be thrilled to offer you advice, information, and treatments! Get started by learning some basics.

Simple: Keep Your Smile Very, Very Clean

When you want to minimize the chance of ending up with a tooth infection and requiring restorative care to rescue that tooth, we remind you that your first goal should be to keep your smile very, very clean. Remember, the cause of infection is bacteria. In order for bacteria to enter your tooth to infect it, there needs to be an opening. An opening is often caused by neglected teeth! When you brush, floss, and schedule dental cleanings, you remain free of decay (which creates a hole in your tooth, giving bacteria entrance). See? Easy.

Don’t Underestimate Routine Checkups

Don’t forget about the importance of routine checkups. We say this for many reasons. Though you may be doing your best to care for your smile, you may overlook a problem like the very beginning of tooth decay that has managed to form! If you see us every six months, we can tell you before the cavity becomes deep enough to lead to an infection. Or, let’s say you have a tiny crack in your tooth that you’re unaware of: We’ll find it and treat it quickly to minimize the chance of tooth infection. Always allow us to monitor your smile, so we can do our best to steer you toward oral health.

Always Follow Through On Restorations ASAP

Again, one of the main things to keep in mind in terms of preventing an infected tooth? Keeping teeth whole and healthy. If you end up with a broken tooth, a cavity, or anything else requiring restorative care, follow through on it immediately, so you can restore your tooth’s structure and health before the issue worsens, opening the door for bacteria and infection.

Stop Tooth Infections Before They Begin

Learn all you need to know about avoiding problems like tooth infections by seeing us for dental checkups and asking questions, in addition to following through on your professional and personal preventive care! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.