Lemons: 3 Hazards To Watch For!

Lemons! They’re beautiful, vibrant, sunny, a perfectly bright reflection of summertime, and they are also a beloved ingredient in lots of yummy foods and drinks! With that said, they often make their way into your life in other ways, as well. The bottom line in terms of this warm-hued citrus fruit is that though it may put a smile on your face, it can also damage your oral health! While you don’t have to avoid it completely, our Southlake, TX team offers you some related hazards to watch for, so you’re enjoying it safely.

#1: DIY Lemon Remedies

If you type this into a search engine online, trust us when we say you will find many, many options. While you might read wonderful things, watch amazing videos, and see some shockingly exceptional before-and-after photos, we remind you: This is not safe. It is a very bad way to approach teeth whitening, if that’s what you’re after! Do yourself a favor if you would love a whiter smile. Instead, of letting lemons anywhere near your teeth, whether they are the main ingredient or a supporting ingredient, instead, call our team. Tell us that you’d like to address discoloration. Then, come in for a consultation. You will quickly discover that there are very safe ways to transform the shade of your smile into something you love.

#2: Lemons In Your Water

What better way to add a little extra refreshing flavor to your glass of water, right? Wrong! Actually, your water was perfect right before you squeezed that lemon wedge into it! It has a neutral pH, which meant you could swish it around to rinse your teeth clean and to remove bacteria, you could drink it to safely hydrate your mouth and body, and you could even remove some pigments from foods or other drinks that may lead to stains. However, the second that lemon juice is added, your water becomes acidic. Acid will erode your outer tissue layer, called enamel, which weakens your teeth in the long run, which negatively affects your oral health. Try to skip the lemon.

#3: Summertime Lemonade!

Again, we remind you that when lemon is involved, it’s bad news for your oral health. You might think to yourself that juice is full of nutrients, so you should drink up. However, the combination of acidic lemon and sugar is a double-disaster for your grin! If you drink it…always follow it with a glass of water!

Keep Your Smile Super Safe

Watch out for hidden hazards that come up on a seasonal basis but that can affect you all year round, such as lemons! Learn more from us about how to easily protect your smile when you schedule visits! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.