Month: May 2019

The Peach Truck Tour 2019

How do you like to enjoy your peaches? Fresh and juicy? Sliced up in a pie? In a cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Turned into a delicious marmalade? Whatever your answer, you know that the start to enjoying this beloved fruit is getting your hands on the best of the best! Lucky… Read more »

Will Bonding Be Everything You Hope For And More?

Are you thinking about coming in to talk with our Southlake, TX team about dental bonding? Have you waited a little longer than planned because you are so absolutely hopeful that bonding will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and you just don’t want to be disappointed? In terms of this particular cosmetic solution, we… Read more »

Warmer Weather Means: Guzzle That Water!

Are you remembering to increase the amount of water you drink as the temperatures heat up in Southlake, TX? Unless you’re already quite committed to your daily H2O, we remind you that forgetting to compensate for the higher heat and what is likely an increased activity level can mean not only negative things for your… Read more »

Minimize Your Chance Of A Tooth Infection

Is there something about the idea of developing a tooth infection that causes you a bit of anxiety? Are you simply curious about what causes someone to suddenly find themselves with an abscessed tooth and serious pain? Maybe you have realized lately that you actually know very little about how problems develop in your smile,… Read more »

Southlake Summer Kickoff 2019

Have you been to one of the over-the-top fun Southlake Summer Kickoff events before? If yes, then you already know all about the fun that’s in store for you! If not, then boy are you in for a treat! Your entire family will certainly want to be included in this one, so make sure to… Read more »

Dental Care: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of…

Particularly when you’ve gotten yourself quite settled into a routine with anything, including your dental care, it can be easy to overlook the “wow factor” involved. Sure, you recognize in a cerebral way that smile care helps you maintain your oral health. However, you may be overlooking and underestimating the true power that you have… Read more »

What Summertime Cosmetic Care Means For You

Are you thinking about maybe finally giving our Southlake, TX team a call to schedule cosmetic care for yourself? Are you thinking that you can easily make time this summer? If so, we remind you to give us a call now, so you have the date and time that work best for you on the… Read more »

Restorative Dental Care: Why We Want To Fix Your Smile

As you can probably already tell, our Southlake, TX team is pretty interested in fixing your smile. When your oral health isn’t in wonderful condition, we offer you lots of reminders that you should come in for a dental checkup, that you should follow through with restorative dental care at our practice, and that you’re… Read more »

A Handful Of Times The Mystery Could Be Bruxism

You know something isn’t the way it used to be with your smile. However, you’re having a very hard time figuring out what’s causing your current change. Maybe it’s the way your smile feels. Maybe it’s the way your smile looks. Perhaps someone even made a comment to you about the way your smile sounds… Read more »

Big Tastes Of Texas: At Central Market Southlake

Are you always happy to have a reason to head to Central Market? If so, then the upcoming Big Tastes of Texas at Central Market Southlake is something you will not want to less pass you by! While the store itself is big and offers quite a big selection of just about every gourmet delight… Read more »