Why You’re Running Away From Restorative Care

If you feel like the second you learn you need restorative care, you’d like to run as far away as possible and as quickly as possible, we understand. You’re most certainly in good company, as you are not the first person to feel this way! We see it every day at our Southlake, TX practice, which is why we would like to help you feel good about accessing the restorative dentistry you need. Remember: It saves your oral health, so if you can feel confident about it, you’re in good shape.

You’re Afraid It Will Feel Bad

Of course, you want your dental care to feel good or to at least feel neutral. What you don’t want is to think about any aspect of the care you provide your smile hurting, feeling uncomfortable in any way, etc. In addition to that fact, you have probably had a lot of friends or family members tell you that restorative care treatments don’t feel very good. This is a topic we would very much like to clarify! The truth is, when your tooth is damaged or hurts, that is where the discomfort comes from. When we provide you with a treatment to fix it, it will won’t feel good or bad. In fact, it won’t feel like much of anything because the area we treat will be numb as a result of a local anesthetic. See? Simple!

You’re Worried The Results Will Look Bad

Whether you need a dental filling, a dental crown, or something else, one thing is often true and frequently causes patients to run for the hills at the first mention of possible restorative care: You worry it’s going to look bad. What we would like you to remember is that though this is not cosmetic care (which is geared strictly toward the way your smile looks), our care does include a focus on the beauty of your smile. In addition to fixing the health and structure of your tooth, we will also preserve and improve the beauty of your tooth, so it looks as good as it used to! This is accomplished through thoughtful techniques and the use of beautiful materials that look natural (like white, composite fillings or porcelain crowns).

Schedule Your Restorative Treatment Soon

If you have questions about restorative care, remember to bring them up with our team, so you can feel confident about scheduling the treatment you need. Then, follow through ASAP to ensure your smile is healthy! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.