Why Your Smile Looks Sort Of…Blah

When you take a glance at your entire smile in the mirror, you don’t see one single glaring problem. However, what you do notice is that it’s not quite the beaming, brilliant, bright, and beautiful feature you would like to see in your reflection. What should you do, you might ask our Southlake, TX team, and how do you pinpoint (and fix) what is wrong? Lucky for you, we happen to have some easy dental care suggestions that can quickly help you turn things around!

Get Back Into Good Hygiene Habits (Hint: Flossing)

We want you to remember that sometimes, the reason you’re not feeling too thrilled with the way your smile looks is simply due to the fact that you need to do a bit better with your dental care. When you brush, you clean off surface stains and your smile can really shine. You remove bits of food and your breath is approachable. Don’t forget that flossing is also key! Without this part of your home care, you’re missing food and plaque from between teeth that can also contribute to bad breath and that can make your smile look much less clean.

Schedule A Checkup Right Away!

Of course, there are multiple reasons your smile may be looking dull. To find out exactly what’s going on (and to keep up your dental health, of course), we suggest you schedule a dental care visit with us. We will check your smile and clean your smile! That way, we can explain if there’s anything that requires improvement (whether it’s oral health related or specifically esthetic in nature) and then make a care plan personalized for you! From there, you’ll begin a journey toward smile that’s clean, healthy, and lovely. Have questions? Just let us know.

It’s Often The Shade Of Your Teeth

Generally speaking, you will find that if you feel your smile looks lackluster, it’s probably related to the shade of your teeth. When your teeth aren’t white but dim or yellow, you may expect to see something much more spectacular when you smile. The good news is that through the simple use of teeth whitening with our dental team, you can erase years of staining and say hello to a smile you’re excited to see again!

Rejuvenate Your Smile With Us!

Remember that in addition to all of the treatments you need for a healthy smile, we also offer comprehensive cosmetic care to help your smile simply look better. Learn all about what you need with a visit! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.