Unlocking The Flavors In Foods: Remember These Details

When you’re eating and you’re expecting for the flavors of the foods you’re consuming to burst forth, you may occasionally find that your expectations are not exactly being met! What’s up with the ways foods and drinks are tasting, you wonder to yourself? Is it the food? Is it your taste buds? Maybe something is happening with your oral health! The frustrating news is that your ability to taste can become disrupted. The wonderful news that our Southlake, TX team is happy to share with you, however, is that there’s usually an answer, as well as a solution!

It’s Not Just Your Tongue Doing The Work

You may assume it’s just your tongue and your taste buds that are doing the work. However, this isn’t exactly right. When the flavors within foods are unlocked, your taste buds certainly contribute and in some cases (such as with salty or sweet foods), that’s all you need! However, others may require both your taste buds and your olfactory sense (your sense of smell) for full interpretation! This is why when you have a cold or serious allergies that have caused upper respiratory congestion, it often becomes much more difficult to taste the foods you’re consuming. How about that for an interesting oral health tidbit?

Saliva Is A Key Factor

We know you think that your taste buds are just little flavor factories, unlocking the way food tastes. However, remember that there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. For taste buds to work their best, your oral health needs to be top notch, including your saliva production and content in your mouth. It’s a key factor in helping your mouth break foods down and in tasting them. If you’ve been dealing with a lack of moisture, come in for care.

Your Hormones Can Change Everything!

Remember that whether you are experiencing a shift in your hormones due to health issue or due to pregnancy, one thing is certain: It can have an impact on your sense of taste and it can also impact your vulnerability to oral health issues like gingivitis. So, while it may not immediately occur to you, keep in mind that dental visits during this time can be exceptionally helpful, offering you both answers to things you aren’t completely sure about, in addition to essential care!

See Us When Your Taste Buds Seem Off

When you think that your taste buds should be allowing you to taste the flavors within the foods you’re eating but it seems as though something is off, come in to see us! A quick dental checkup is often all it takes! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.