Smile Care: 3 Things That Will Hold You Back

Did you know that there are some things that, no matter what, are going to hold you back in terms of your smile care? While there are some issues that may or may not negatively impact you (for instance, maybe you have a sweet tooth but you’re quite good about rinsing and brushing after candy), there are those that will yield unfortunate results no matter what. So, our Southlake, TX team suggests getting to know them and then doing your best to avoid them! Learn more!

#1: You’re Not Doing Anything

We provide all patients with the same general suggestions for simple, effective, and continued smile care. First, you need to keep up with the preventive part of dentistry, which includes not only coming in for care but also brushing and flossing at home. Then, of course, if an issue shows up, you should follow through with any necessary restorative treatments. Unfortunately, if you’re not following through on any of our advice, you will definitely see consequences. Remember that it’s never too late to get caught up with your oral health, though! Just come see us very soon!

#2: You’re Procrastinating

Maybe you need a dental filling but you haven’t called us yet. Maybe at first, you just waited a week but then that turned into a month and now you’re almost a year out from your original diagnosis. You can apply procrastination to any single aspect of smile care and you’ll always get the same result: This will not bode well for your oral health. If you wait too long to brush and floss every day, you’ll probably miss a session and end up with cavities. If you wait too long on essential care, existing issues will worsen. So, do your best to keep up with the details!

#3: You’re Sort Of Practicing Your Care

Maybe you come see us for your dental checkup and cleaning once a year. Maybe some years you don’t visit us at all. Perhaps you brush your teeth about once a day and you occasionally floss. Maybe you have good days when you’re right on track and others when you skip smile care altogether! Unfortunately, if you’re sort of following the guidelines, this just won’t yield smile health. With oral health care, results require complete care, so see us soon for guidance!

Enjoy Effective Smile Care

Make your smile care its absolute best and most effective when you remember that the details are actually quite simple. Whether you need a visit or you need us to help you get back on track, come see us soon! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.