A Few Cool Things About Bruxism Treatment

When you’re just learning about bruxism, which generally means you’re either grinding your teeth chronically (or clenching them … or both), you can find the topic of bruxism treatment to be mysterious at best. You’re already dealing with the fact that you’ve likely been performing a habit you don’t even realize you’re doing and it’s taking a toll on your oral health. So, the topic of care for this issue makes you wonder: Will it be easy or is this going to be something you don’t want to do? Good news from our Southlake, TX team: It’s better than you can imagine!

#1: It Is A Drug-Free Treatment

When we bring up any type of treatment, patients often worry about medication side effects, about interactions with other treatments, and more. The good news here is that when you choose bruxism treatment, it’s completely drug free. In fact, it’s just a mouthguard that we call an oral appliance. Furthermore, you only wear it when you’re planning on going to sleep, so there’s really nothing to worry about!

#2: It Doesn’t Interfere With Your Day

We know that you worry your bruxism treatment will somehow interfere with your appearance or your day. Of course, this is when we reiterate that it’s a nighttime treatment you wear during sleep. So, it’s not going to be able to get in the way of your job, your dental hygiene, your meals, etc. Instead, it’s going to cushion your teeth when you’re sleeping, so you are soaking up all of the benefits of protecting yourself from grinding and clenching, while you happily snooze away in dreamland. Think you may need this? Call us soon!

#3: It Helps All Of Those Problems Go Away

During your initial dental checkup with us, you will have lots of time to talk with us about what’s happening with your oral health. We will ask you about your bruxism disorder and about common (and possibly less common) symptoms that may be affecting you. Fortunately, one of the very cool things about bruxism treatment is that it will help those issues go away. Whether you’re dealing with tooth pain, facial pain, headaches, etc., providing a cushioned buffer with a mouthguard makes things so much better.

Treat Bruxism With Our Friendly Team

Head to our practice after scheduling a dental visit with us, so we may learn more about your experience with bruxism disorder. Remember, simple but very effective treatment with an oral appliance works wonders! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.