4 Things That Can Destroy Your Smile (But Don’t Have To)

There are some things that you just might not be able to avoid when it comes to possible tooth damage. Unless you’re always completely attentive to everything happening around you at every second, you can end up experiencing little accidents here and there that lead to broken teeth (running into something when you’re looking the other way can do it!). However, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that in most instances, there are oral health issues that can lead to dental destruction … that is, unless you prevent them from occurring! Learn more.

#1: Erosion

It’s very important that patients understand how significantly erosion can impact their smiles! When the enamel of your teeth breaks down and wears away over time, you’re losing your primary defense that keeps teeth healthy, free of breaking, and free of bacterial invasion. What you are left with is declining oral health with teeth that are highly vulnerable to becoming fractured, decayed, and infected. Care for your smile and this won’t happen.

#2: Gum Disease

We know you may think that gum disease is some other issue that has nothing to do with your teeth or your overall smile health. However, what begins as inflammation only in your gums can go one of two ways: We can treat your smile and reverse it. Or, the inflammation and infection will spread as it affects ligaments, bone, and teeth. From a simple case of gingivitis, you can end up with destruction including tooth loss.

#3: Decay

Tooth decay! It seems like the simplest of little oral health issues. After all, it’s just a cavity, right? Well, that’s true if you treat it with a dental filling and then it’s gone and your smile is back in wonderful condition. However, when you ignore decay, it will continue to damage dental tissue until you lose your tooth. Unfortunately, it can also develop into infection, which is bad news for your whole grin!

#4: Infection

As mentioned, an infection can affect your entire mouth. What begins as one infected tooth can turn into an abscess that ruptures, leaving you with infection spreading throughout your mouth (and it can even become extremely dangerous if the infection enters your bloodstream). Immediately treat infection with a root canal, so you are free of risk and your oral health is safe.

Protect Your Smile With Prevention

You know that when you brush and floss your smile as directed, you’re doing your part at home to keep teeth and gums safe. Remember, as well, that you need dental visits with our team to complete your protection! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.