3 Things You’re Actually Saying When You Don’t Floss

When you’re not flossing, it’s an active decision to not pick up a container of dental floss, tear off a strand, and clean between your teeth as part of your daily dental hygiene. You may think of this as something you just don’t really want to do and, as a result, you don’t consider the deeper meaning behind it. However, since you have heard many times from our Southlake, TX team about the why behind flossing and its significance, we happen to think you’re actually communicating some very clear messages when you avoid floss! Think some things through and you may feel ready to change your ways!

#1: “I Don’t Really Want My Brushing To Be Effective”

If you’re not flossing your teeth, then what you’re really announcing to yourself is that you aren’t really that interested in ensuring your brushing is effective. Now, you might not realize this just yet but we are about to fill you in! When you don’t floss, you leave behind plaque. That plaque will become extraordinarily hard within one to two days (it’s called tartar). As you brush your teeth and that plaque and tartar build up, you won’t be able to enjoy the results you’re hoping to achieve: A smile that’s completely clean and free of problems. Instead, you’ll probably end up with a partly clean smile and, though you’ve been brushing, oral health issues will develop.

#2: “I Don’t Mind If I Get Cavities Or Gingivitis”

As we mentioned, if you’re not flossing, then you’re sort of yelling out to the world that you really don’t mind if you end up with tooth decay or gum disease! Why would we say such a thing about your dental hygiene and your intentions? Well, remember all of that plaque and tartar we mentioned? That stuff is full of bacteria, which will release acids and irritate your gums. Those acids will also wear down your dental tissue. So, even though you might brush, your lack of flossing will leave enough bacteria in place to cause such concerns.

#3: “I Hope I Get Really Bad Breath!”

We know you don’t really want bad breath. However, if your dental hygiene doesn’t include flossing, then halitosis is headed your way! What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s bad breath that persists because your smile isn’t clean. Start flossing!

Remember To Ask For Flossing Help

If you are not flossing at the moment but you would like help figuring out how to come up with practices that will work for you, remember to ask our team for help! When you know what to do, it makes flossing a breeze. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.