Month: April 2019

3 Things You’re Actually Saying When You Don’t Floss

When you’re not flossing, it’s an active decision to not pick up a container of dental floss, tear off a strand, and clean between your teeth as part of your daily dental hygiene. You may think of this as something you just don’t really want to do and, as a result, you don’t consider the… Read more »

Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Stressing Your Teeth

Are you absolutely, completely certain that you’re not doing anything to put your oral health in harm’s way? If you’re slowly shaking your head from side to side, as you think about the question, you may be at a bit of a loss. You know that you brush and floss but aside from that, you… Read more »

Art In The Square 2019

Are you an annual enthusiast of Art In The Square? If so, you’ll want to make sure you show up for this year’s 20th anniversary in our Southlake, TX community! Don’t miss out on three days of fun, festivities, and food, or it will be another long year before the next one rolls around. Plus,… Read more »

Drugstore Whitening Strips: Why So Dangerous?

You hear all the time from us that you really shouldn’t use teeth whitening strips that you purchase from the drugstore (or any other type of at-home, do-it-yourself, over the counter treatment for that matter). While you know that it can be dangerous, you don’t really know what that means or if it’s really something… Read more »

A Few Things To Remember After A Treatment

Whether you come to us for teeth whitening, a filling, or otherwise, there are some things that are pretty much always true in terms of what you can expect afterwards. What might these be, you wonder, and why are we mentioning this? Well, our Southlake, TX team realizes that you may become very focused on… Read more »

Calling Us For Emergency Care: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Feel

Of course, there are some things that our Southlake, TX team expects you to feel when you are accessing emergency dental care with us: Uncomfortable, stressed, panicked, in pain, a little nervous, frantic, etc. These are the types of emotions that come when a serious trauma, pain, or other concern arises with your smile. Then… Read more »

Smile Care: A Waste Of Time? Or Not?

It’s not unusual to suddenly take a look at something you’ve always just accepted as something you should do and to wonder if it’s actually a necessity. If this happens to you and the topic in question is your smile care, then you may suddenly find yourself asking: Is it a waste of time? Or… Read more »

MasterWorks Concert: Big City Outlaws

Whether you’re a long-time fan of our Southlake, TX MasterWorks Concert series or if you’re a newbie, one thing is certain: This is a community event for everyone and it always offers a good time! Enjoy our exceptional spring weather, as you hang out with friends and family members, take a good look at the… Read more »

Today: What Can You Get Started For Your Oral Health?

The easiest way to deal with something that you don’t necessarily really feel like addressing is to tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow. Of course, this isn’t all that bad if you actually follow through with the task the next day. However, in many instance, every tomorrow is followed by yet another one, which… Read more »

When We Would Like To See You

Just to be clear, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that there is not one, set, master list that includes every last reason that we encourage patients to come in to see us for dental visits! However, because we often hear from patients that they’re just not entirely sure when they should come in (or… Read more »