Smile Safety: Habits To Give Up For Spring

There are habits that you know are good for you. Then, there are habits that you know are really bad for you. Then, of course, there are things you know you probably shouldn’t be doing, so you do them just a little bit and put as many measures into place to protect yourself from harm! When we’re talking about those habits that can get in the way of your oral health, we know that they’re often difficult to say goodbye to. So, our Southlake, TX team asks, why not start by giving up some some less than stellar little addictions for spring as an easy way to take better care of your smile?

Sweet Hot Drinks

You may have given yourself permission to indulge in some toasty drinks for winter because, well, you really love them! Without hot cocoa that’s filled to the brim with mini marshmallows, your annual pumpkin spice latte obsession, and your soothing nightly tea and honey, well it’s just not wintertime. We understand, of course, and hope that you’ve been doing your best to combat the potential side effects of sugary drinks by rinsing (and then brushing) after the fact. In any case, spring is nearly here, which means warmer weather! So, why not retire those fancy beverages for now and instead, re-welcome the oh-so-hydrating water back into your life? It’s certainly a good plan for your grin and your body, too!

Blaming The Cold Weather

Yep, when it’s cold outside in Texas and it’s dreary (and you know it might be another week or two until you see the sun), it can make it much easier to blame a cold snap and opt out of responsibilities. Just about everyone has done so, choosing to wrap up in a blanket and relax instead. However, when it comes to your oral health, we remind you that we are already well into the year. You have a few months left to get your smile care responsibilities taken care of for the first six months of this year, so embrace the rising temps and give us a call. You’ll feel so much better about your smile care once you’ve seen us for your dental cleaning and checkup!

Enjoy Some Warm Weather Smile Care Motivation

Shed the chilliness and hibernation of winter, as you head into a motivation-filled spring! Remember to give us a call, so you can be sure you’re receiving your preventive care visits for the year for a healthy smile. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and surrounding areas.