Month: March 2019

Storytelling Club For Kids

Do your kids love telling you stories? Perhaps you notice that they are completely fine speaking in front of you but when they have to get up in front of others to share a thought, presentation for school, a story, etc., they tend to get a bit nervous or tongue-tied. Ah, yes, the wonders of… Read more »

Ways You’re Damaging Your Enamel

You want to keep your dental enamel safe, so you brush and floss! You want to keep it clean and free of stains, so you are thoughtful about the toothpaste you choose. You want to be careful about the things you drink, so you avoid sugary beverages. These are all good starts. However, if you’re… Read more »

Toothpaste: Use It Or Lose It?

What should you do when it comes to toothpaste, you wonder? You know that if it’s been accepted by the ADA (American Dental Association), it contains fluoride, and it tastes good, you’re probably on the right track. However, what about when you hear about some exciting new option? What about the little things that you… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth: Reminders Everyone Needs

You may feel like if you need any type of reminder for your dental hygiene, you must really be hitting rock bottom with your home dental care! After all, brushing and flossing is something that even kids learn how to do! However, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that from time to time, everyone could… Read more »

Things You’re Wondering About Veneers

There are probably many things you’re wondering about porcelain veneers if you have realized on the surface that they will probably provide you with the benefits you want … but you don’t know much more than that. We hope that you won’t feel shy about scheduling a consultation with our Southlake, TX team to learn… Read more »

Homebuying 101 For First Time Homebuyers

Are you thinking about saying goodbye to renting and hello to home ownership? If you love the idea of this transition but you don’t really know much about homebuying, then you might enjoy receiving some extraordinary education and clarity at the Homebuying 101 For First Time Homebuyers event in our very own Southlake, TX! If… Read more »

3 Times You Want (But Don’t Need) To Panic

The moment something serious happens to your smile or you suddenly feel pressed for time (but feel like you just don’t have enough), your natural reaction may be to panic. After all, you have a big need and you’re worried that you won’t be able to address it, which is certainly anxiety-inducing! Fortunately, our Southlake,… Read more »

Help! My Teeth Are The Wrong Size!

Now, to be clear, there’s no right or wrong size when it comes to tooth size. You may wish that your smile looked different and to achieve that goal, you may wish your teeth were wider, slimmer, longer, shorter, etc. What our Southlake, TX team is saying here is that generally speaking, if your teeth… Read more »

Gum Health: Super Easy Steps For Protection

Guess what? Even though taking care of your gum health might seem like a really big deal and something you have no idea how to approach in the grand scheme of things … it’s all actually very simple. It’s so easy, in fact, that our Southlake, TX team can summarize the majority of the preventive… Read more »

Your Toothache: Questions We Love To Answer!

Uh oh! You have a toothache, it’s not a fleeting sensation, and you now have to do something about it. On one hand, you think if you just pretend everything is okay, that pain will magically resolve on its own. However, on the other hand, you know perfectly well that persistent discomfort means something isn’t… Read more »