Why Your Tooth Looks Grey (And What To Do)!

Everyone wants to walk around with brilliantly white smiles, so when you realize that one of your otherwise pearly teeth is looking grey it can be a very disheartening moment. Why is that tooth grey, you wonder to yourself, and what should (or what can) you do about it? Before you start imagining all sorts of creative things, our Southlake, TX team invites you to instead call us right up. Schedule a visit! We will help you understand what’s going on and we will offer dental care to fix it.

The Nerve Has Died!

When trauma occurs, such as you deal with a strong impact to your mouth, it can injure the pulp within your tooth. The pulp is, essentially, the life center where blood vessels and nerves live. Unless the tooth is treated with dental care right away, it’s possible for the trauma to damage the nerve beyond repair, which can lead to the death of your tooth. In such instances, your tooth may take on a grey hue because it has lots its blood flow. What to do, you wonder? When you recognize a color change, we always suggest you see us immediately. In some cases, we may be able to save a newly injured tooth with a root canal treatment. However, if your tooth’s nerve has already died, we may need to extract the tooth. Fortunately, we can provide a beautiful replacement, such as a dental implant and crown!

You Have A Dark Filling Showing Through

If you have a tooth that looks grey and has looked that way since you received a filling, we ask you: Is your filling amalgam? If so, then that is your reason for having a “grey” tooth. In reality, the tissue of your tooth is still its usual white color but because light and color can gently show through your tissue layers, the filling darkens your tooth. The result? It looks sort of grey or dim. To address this issue, all you need to do is replace that filling with a composite filling. This is another term for a “white” filling that we can customize to match the color of your tooth, so once it is in place, there will be no more grey effect.

Address Grey Teeth With Our Care

When you deal with a grey tooth, do not fear the worst. Instead, prepare for the dental care you need by calling our team, coming in for a thorough dental exam, and then following through on the recommended treatment! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.