Month: February 2019

Mouthguards: 3 Times They’re Super Important!

Your dentist knows that at the tippy top of your priority list every day, you might not have dental care listed. However, we would very much love to hear that you’ve got protecting your smile through optimal preventive care somewhere in the mix. In fact, our Southlake, TX team would feel much better if we… Read more »

Jaw Health: Interesting Things You May Not Know

You think about your teeth. You worry about your gum tissue. However, it always seems that as long as you hop-to and eventually address problems associated with your oral health, nothing serious can happen. However, our Southlake, TX patients often fail to realize we are so passionate about preventive dental care and early restorative treatments… Read more »

Whitening: Things That Are Absolutely, Just Not True!

There’s nothing quite like feeling extremely excited about something, such as teeth whitening for your smile, only to be met with a ton of opposition nearly everywhere you turn! You mention it to a friend and that friend says whitening will harm your smile. You hop online and you read that it won’t work on… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Bonding!

You may overlook dental bonding in many instances in which it will actually be just what you need. So, why do you tend to forget about it, you wonder? Well, because it’s not the most exciting, flashiest of our cosmetic dentistry treatments. It does, however, offer lots of wonderful benefits that you should really get… Read more »

Celebrate Southlake 2019

What’s so special about our Southlake, TX community? While you may already feel that it is quite wonderful and unique, how might you describe the magic that makes this so? Whether you have paragraphs that you could extoll or you aren’t quite sure how to put it into words, if you’re interested in celebrating Southlake… Read more »

3 Things Good Oral Health Can Mean For You

You know in a general way that good oral health is … good … right? However, when we’re looking at the deeper benefits that optimal smile health affords you, can you start listing them off? Or, do you find that in reflection of the actual details, you don’t really know why it’s so fantastic to… Read more »

Why Your Tooth Looks Grey (And What To Do)!

Everyone wants to walk around with brilliantly white smiles, so when you realize that one of your otherwise pearly teeth is looking grey it can be a very disheartening moment. Why is that tooth grey, you wonder to yourself, and what should (or what can) you do about it? Before you start imagining all sorts… Read more »

Understanding The Type Of Dental Care You Need

Understanding the type of dental care you need can help you feel more comfortable coming in for dental checkups and procedures. Why is that? Well, because when you feel that the world of smile care is completely foreign to you, you may find it difficult to converse about your smile, and you may develop a… Read more »

Yes Or No: Does This Mean My Smile Is Healthy?

It’s easy to find yourself coming up with different reasons you assume your smile is healthy. However, our Southlake, TX team reminds you that it is very important you don’t let these assumptions get the best of you. As much logic as you put into it, in many cases, it may still turn out that… Read more »

Cooking Class: Cancer-Free Kitchen

You hear a lot about the foods that are good for you, the ones that aren’t so good, and you hear about cooking and nutrition choices that help fight the development of cancer. While you hear lots of details, knowing where to begin and how to actually implement these practices in the kitchen in another… Read more »