What’s Good About Root Canal Treatment?

Are you one of those optimistic people, who sees the silver lining around gray clouds? When it comes to discussing root canal treatment in Southlake, TX, that’s an attitude we encourage and admire. While avoiding the need for root canal treatment is the best scenario, sometimes things happen. Injury to a tooth, or infection that involves the center of a tooth can mean a root canal procedure is needed to save the tooth. There are some beneficial aspects to root canal treatment, that it may help to remember.

The Pain Will Stop

Patients who attend checkups and cleanings twice a year may never have the need for a root canal treatment. If cavities are addressed in the early stage, a tooth colored filling may be the optimal remedy, sealing off the troubled area before infection can spread. As the outer layers of the tooth have no nerve endings, you are unlikely to experience pain. However, when a cavity grows larger, or a crack or fracture allows infection to enter the center portion of a tooth, the nerve ending in the root canal mean a painful toothache will ensue. Root canal treatment removes the infection and the damaged pulp and nerves, causing the pain to cease.

Infection Will Not Spread

When infection reaches the pulp of your tooth, it can come in contact with circulating blood, and travel to other parts of your body. Dental infections have been linked to increased susceptibility to coronary problems, arthritis, diabetes complications and other systemic illnesses. Although the mechanisms are not yet fully understood, infections in the teeth and surrounding areas can affect the whole body.

It Can Save The Tooth

While there are remedies for missing teeth, such as dental implants, the preferred method is to save the tooth when possible. This is usually more cost effective, and helps to preserve the tooth in its already comfortable place in your mouth. Root canal treatment means the natural roots remain in the jawbone, although the visible portion of the tooth may need the support of an artificial covering. Crowns are carefully matched in shape and size, and are usually indistinguishable from natural teeth, once in place.

Root Canal Treatment Has A Positive Effect on Your Smile

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