Patient Case Feature: Detailed Bonding For A Child!  

When you have a kiddo who tends to have lots of little accidents and you’re no stranger to seeing your friendly dentist or doctor, you are likely used to wondering what will come from these mishaps. Will things be okay? Will the fixes be lasting? Will injuries in childhood lead to significant problems down the line that you couldn’t predict? When it comes to today’s patient case, we remind you: Even oral health injuries that may look bad can turn out wonderfully and can provide a path toward a very bright smile future! Learn more about the magical wonders of dental bonding with our Southlake, TX team!

Kids Who Break Their Teeth

Sometimes, you get lucky and your child breaks or significantly chips his or her tooth in such a way that we can completely fix it. Today, we talk about a pediatric patient of ours who experienced a very big break on her front tooth! While it may look upsetting if you are a parent, we are happy to report that it was entirely fixable. Thanks to the wonders of dental bonding, we were able to carefully and thoughtfully build up material called composite to match the natural tooth tissue. Remember that composite is a material that we can customize. So, we match the shade to the dental tissue. Then, we can build it up as we wish. To replicate dental tissue, we created layers with the same light-reflective qualities, in addition to the correct opacity and translucency per layer. The result? A tooth that looks completely new again.

About The Future

You may worry that if your children are breaking their teeth, chipping their teeth, etc., that receiving dental bonding or other types of dental care will not leave them with a lot of options down the line. The truth is that in this case and others, all is just fine! For instance, the child in this case will require orthodontics and the bonding treatment will last and will in no way prevent that from happening! Does your child require help with his or her smile? Come in soon!

Bring Your Every Dental Care Need To Our Attention

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