Month: December 2018

Noon Year’s Eve Celebration For Kids

Do your kids always insist every year that they’re going to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve … and then you end up carrying them to bed by about 10:30? To give your kiddos the chance to enjoy the grown-up like fun of a true New Year’s party (just without having to force… Read more »

Jaw Joints: A Few Things You Should Know (If You Don’t Already)

There are some things that you might not realize about your jaw joints. In fact, when it comes to your oral health in general, you may be so focused on your teeth and gums that you don’t ever really broaden your scope to realize there are lots of other tissues that make up the framework… Read more »

Flossing, Brushing, And Why You Can’t Stop Rushing

Do you find that when you’re through with your dental hygiene at home, it’s almost as though you just ran a marathon? Is your heart often beating quickly? Do you feel like your blood pressure just skyrocketed? In case you weren’t aware, brushing and flossing aren’t supposed to be something that you speed through! They… Read more »

Holiday Time: Illuminating Those Issues That Require Our Help

Guess what? The holidays can leave you feeling like you’re existing in a completely different world than the one you inhabit during the rest of the year. Suddenly, everything is new! Your schedule has changed, you may be home from work or class, the people you see on a daily basis might include extended family… Read more »

Reasons You’re Not Proud Of Your Smile (And What To Do)

Are you not proud of your smile? Is there something that you are quite certain you could probably change about it if you were to come in to see our Southlake, TX practice but you have not done so just yet? Or, do you feel somewhat defeated and worried that whatever it is you’d love… Read more »

Cracked Teeth: Things You Just Didn’t Realize

One of those things you would love to avoid in your lifetime is a cracked tooth. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, you know that it will require some serious restorative care or can even lead to tooth loss when the crack is severe, and you’re pretty much happy to do what it takes to prevent… Read more »

Why Schedule A Checkup Right Now (Like…Immediately)?

You know that checkups are important. You have heard for so long that they should be part of your life twice a year (every time six months go by, to be precise) that you have very few questions about the frequency we suggest if you’d like to keep your smile healthy through on-track prevention. However,… Read more »

Winter Watercolor Painting Class

The colors, lights, and textures of winter and the holidays are so beautiful, vibrant, and bright! Does all of this glittering beauty call to your inner artist? If so, why not let it out through a creative activity like painting? Did you know that a special Winter Watercolor Painting Class is happening very soon in… Read more »

Holiday Breath: What’s The Problem?

Not really feeling interested in having an awkward exchange under the mistletoe as a result of your bad breath? We can certainly understand! When the holiday fun begins to unfold and you realize either on the days leading up to Christmas or on the big day itself that you’ve got breath that is anything but… Read more »