New Year’s Resolutions (Beautiful Smile Edition)


New Year’s resolutions are a lot of fun. Yet surveys show over and over that despite lofty intentions, most resolutions fall by the wayside within a few weeks. Maybe it’s time to change things up and add some beautiful smile resolutions into the mix. Dr. Heron and Dr. Wright encourage patients in Southlake, Texas to follow through on resolutions to move towards their most beautiful smiles in the coming year! (And if you have concerns about the health of your smile, come see us about that too!)

#1: Keep Dark Beverages Away From Your Teeth

Teeth stains are a fact of life, and the longer you live, the more they can affect your teeth. A simple and effective cosmetic teeth whitening treatment can reverse years of yellowing. Keeping dark beverages off teeth can help maintain the brighter color. This could mean cutting back on highly colored drinks, or using a straw. (Consider a reusable personal straw, rather than disposable straws, when practical.) When you do enjoy dark beverages, sip them to the back of your mouth, and swallow quickly, rather than letting them linger on your teeth.

#2: Let Us Know What Troubles You About Your Smile

It is always surprising when patients are reluctant to bring a cosmetic issue to our attention. Maybe it seems too small to bother with or too big to solve. In fact, little chips respond well to bonding and contouring, and big issues (or multiple issues) can be addressed by porcelain veneers.

#3: Don’t Be Afraid to Discuss Cost

It can be awkward to bring up money, but our caring front office staff are experts in these conversations. Once you have discussed the cosmetic procedures that could enhance your smile, they can help you navigate payment or financing options, if needed. The final decision will always be yours, but there may be information our staff is aware of and can share with you. Visit our Smile Gallery, and let us know your dreams for your smile.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Your Best 2019 Smile

Ring in the new year by investigating cosmetic smile options that are a fit for you. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and surrounding areas.