Eggnog, Hot Cocoa, And Holiday Faves: The ABCs Of Being Careful!

When you make the rounds to the holiday parties you’ve just been itching to attend, you will probably notice something in regard to the drinks that are served: There are some definite holiday beverage trends! The goal, of course, is for the drinks to be cozy, warm, delicious, and nostalgic. If they don’t bring about some holiday merriment and good memories, why bother? Of course, our Southlake, TX team agrees with this fact. Though, we remind patients that while they may evoke some lovely feelings and fond memories, it doesn’t mean popular drink choices are safe for your oral health. Keep this in mind as you sip and remember to cleanse your smile not long after, so you can enjoy yourself without sabotaging your smile! Prepare for a quick A-B-C list to help you!

A: Be Careful If It Includes Alcohol

We remind patients that many of the festive holiday beverages you may find offered to you contain alcohol! You might not be expecting it (and you may even appreciate it!). Just remember not to overlook the fact that alcohol can cause some serious damage to your oral health if you aren’t careful! It’s very acidic and has a tendency to dry out your oral tissues. The problem? It increases acidity in your mouth, which is dangerous, softening, and weakening to your enamel. Remember to drink some water after such beverages to give your teeth a break!

B: Watch For Caffeine If You Have Bruxism

Do you deal with bruxism? If so, you probably already know what it is: It’s an involuntary functional problem that includes grinding and clenching that happens habitually (either day or night or both). One thing we encourage you to cut back on is caffeine because it stimulates associated muscle movement. So, if you’re trying to limit this stimulant, simply remember that coffee beverages, cocoa, and more may contain it!

C: Beware The Sugar To Avoid Cavities

Just about any drink you choose, whether it’s an all-natural holiday punch, a toffee-flavored coffee drink, eggnog, or hot cocoa is going to contain sugar! As you already know, this ingredient promotes cavity formation because it feeds the bacteria in your smile that lead to tooth decay. As with all other selections, just be sure to follow it with water for oral health protection!

Be Careful With Your Smile By Seeing Us For Care

Remember that in addition to practicing mindful caution on a daily basis to keep your smile safe, coming in for dental care will also help keep teeth strong and safe! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and surrounding areas.