Month: December 2018

Worn Teeth and Other Problems with Bruxism

When you grind your teeth constantly due to an underlying dental health condition (bruxism), one of the most obvious results is the excessive wearing down of your teeth. While highly resilient, your teeth can quickly become damaged under the repeated force of your bite and friction of grinding. At our Southlake, TX, dental office, we… Read more »

Recycle Your Tree (and More)

Whew! As holiday visitors return home, and schedules return to their regular pattern, it’s time to take a breath and look around. There are probably plenty of smiling family photos to enjoy, which shows that your good dental care in Southlake, TX is paying dividends with your smile. Meanwhile, is there a holiday tree still… Read more »

What’s Good About Root Canal Treatment?

Are you one of those optimistic people, who sees the silver lining around gray clouds? When it comes to discussing root canal treatment in Southlake, TX, that’s an attitude we encourage and admire. While avoiding the need for root canal treatment is the best scenario, sometimes things happen. Injury to a tooth, or infection that… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions (Beautiful Smile Edition)

  New Year’s resolutions are a lot of fun. Yet surveys show over and over that despite lofty intentions, most resolutions fall by the wayside within a few weeks. Maybe it’s time to change things up and add some beautiful smile resolutions into the mix. Dr. Heron and Dr. Wright encourage patients in Southlake, Texas… Read more »

Cultivating A Pain-Free Holiday

While you might not really ever expect it, sometimes pain becomes part of busy times like the holidays. You’re not sure exactly why or what to do but you get through the day and then you forget about it by the next year (until it happens all over again). For instance, maybe you often find… Read more »

Live Snake Encounters Event!

Are you already completely certain you’ll feel sleepy once New Year’s Eve (and day) festivities are through? Wondering if there will be a cup of coffee big enough to get your energy back up? Hmm…our Southlake, TX team has another idea. Why not bring the family to the upcoming Live Snake Encounters event? It’s almost… Read more »

When Your Smile Needs Something But You Don’t Know What

Sometimes, you know just what’s happening with your smile and can easily relay to us what you’re feeling (even if you don’t know exactly how we will suggest fixing it). For instance, it may be easy for you to call and say that you have a toothache or that your teeth look very yellow. Other… Read more »

What Worked For 2018? Do It In 2019, Too!

Usually, when you hear from our Southlake, TX team, we are telling you about something you should consider doing that you haven’t necessarily been doing for your smile. Or, we may be suggesting something you’ve never really thought about. Generally speaking, we’re striving to protect you from errors and from a lack of knowledge! Today,… Read more »

Eggnog, Hot Cocoa, And Holiday Faves: The ABCs Of Being Careful!

When you make the rounds to the holiday parties you’ve just been itching to attend, you will probably notice something in regard to the drinks that are served: There are some definite holiday beverage trends! The goal, of course, is for the drinks to be cozy, warm, delicious, and nostalgic. If they don’t bring about… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Detailed Bonding For A Child!  

When you have a kiddo who tends to have lots of little accidents and you’re no stranger to seeing your friendly dentist or doctor, you are likely used to wondering what will come from these mishaps. Will things be okay? Will the fixes be lasting? Will injuries in childhood lead to significant problems down the… Read more »