Patient Case Feature: Direct Bonding With Composite

While you may already realize that we can fix just about anything for our adult patients, you may find yourself asking (particularly if you have a child who needs dental care), what about kids? What if your child was to chip or break a tooth? Would there be hope on the horizon, would your child simply have to wait until adulthood? Fortunately, we work to improve and restore damaged pediatric smiles with just as much attention to detail as we do for grownups! Learn more from this patient case with our Southlake, TX team as you get a quick look at what direct bonding with composite can accomplish!

Your Child Fractures A Tooth

In today’s patient case feature, we are talking about a child who accidentally ended up with a fractured tooth. We’re not talking about a small chip. Instead, a significant portion of the dental tissue was missing from one of this child’s front teeth. As a parent, you may find yourself feeling extremely concerned: Will this require a crown? Is there any way to rescue this brand new permanent tooth? Fortunately, we can rely on the help of direct bonding with composite to save the day.


We Need To Address Esthetics

Rest assured that we are just as concerned not only with replacing the missing tissue from your child’s tooth but also with ensuring your child gets to enjoy a natural-looking smile that simply appears restored! However, you’re wondering: How can we do this? The wonderful characteristic of direct bonding with composite is the fact that composite is a fully customizable material. Take a look at our patient’s tooth! Thanks to the ease with which we can sculpt and tint composite, we can beautifully replicate and match dental tissue for a seamless fix.

We Need To Offer Protection, Too!

Yes, you say, but so much missing tissue must leave room for tooth damage, right? We respond with: You are correct. In this case, what we needed to do was to fully restore the structure to promote the healing and protection of the tooth’s nerves. Fortunately, composite encourages these requirements and, as you will see, all went well! Need help with your own damage or your child’s smile? Call us today!

See Us For Your Child’s Smile Care Needs

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