Holiday Meal Prep Hazards

You may think of holiday meal prep in many different lights, depending on your feelings on cooking and doing so for lots and lots of guests. Some individuals love this aspect of the holiday season! Others loathe it entirely but do so with love in their hearts! Wherever you fall on the spectrum during winter celebrations, you may be too sidetracked by your emotions to realize that there are some very real holiday meal preparation hazards that can mean bad news for your oral health! So, what is a person to do in order to keep his or her smile safe as you bang pots and pans about in the kitchen and create your masterpiece of a holiday feast? Allow our Southlake, TX team to offer up a bit of helpful insight, of course!

Tasting As You Go

When you taste food as you go, you keep your smile coated in whatever it is you’re eating for hours on end. If this includes anything acidic, sweet, or high in carbohydrates, you may be encouraging decay! To minimize oral health effects, drink water as you go, too!

Stressing The Whole Time

We cannot necessarily convince you not to stress as you cook if that is simply how cooking works for you, particularly when you’re about to serve lots of people. However, we can remind you that it’s not good for your oral health. Remember, if you are someone who tends to grind or clench your teeth in moments of tension, plan ahead to manage your stress, so you don’t end up with exhausted jaws and a sore smile.

Forgetting To Put Everything On Your Shopping List

Oh no! The relatives are coming soon, you made up your final list for the store, and you sent someone out to pick everything up. What you forgot about, though, during each trip prior and this one, too, was to include your dental hygiene products! You happen to be out of toothpaste, which means you’re going to be in for a challenging hygiene session after your festive meal. Here’s our suggestion: Try to sit down and compile a list of everything you need in addition to food, meal items, etc., so you can remember to include it in your holiday shopping. You (and your oral health) will be glad you did.

Enjoy A Healthy Smile With Our Helpful Care

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