3 Things That Are So, So Easy With Implants

There are some things about dental implants you may not have quite right and our Southlake, TX team would like to set the record straight! Why do we want to do this, you ask? Well, because we know that in many cases, patients tend to assume a life with implants is going to make things complicated, harder, or more challenging. The truth is that in general, it makes life easier! However, rather than just making a blanket statement and leaving it at that, we would prefer to further along this detail with some compelling examples!

#1: Getting Used To Keeping Them Clean

You may hear lots of rumors that when you replace missing teeth with any type of prosthetic, it’s going to be so hard to keep your smile clean because the prosthetics require lots of work and attention. Fortunately, we are happy to report with complete honesty and confidence that nothing much really becomes different once you get your implants. They need cleaning like your natural teeth. So, if you’re brushing like we recommend, and flossing, and scheduling preventive care, then no problem.

#2: Eating The Things You Love

One things that is so easy with dental implants is eating. Furthermore, you can eat the foods you love, just like you would with a mouthful of natural teeth. This is such a “big deal” because often times, patients choose traditional prosthetics like traditionally supported dentures or partials and find that their diet is somewhat restricted. When your prosthetic is supported by implants, whether it’s a crown, a bridge, partial, or denture, you can get back to your usual diet.

#3: Making Them Last A Long Time

One of the biggest fears we hear out of the mouth of our patients is that they will go through with receiving dental implants but that they won’t last. One of the most exciting things we get to tell our patients? The fact that the implant portion of your tooth replacement is likely going to last for the remaining years of your life (so, essentially, forever!). Just remember to offer your smile good care.

Make Life Easy By Seeing Us For Dental Implants

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