3 Things Prevention Definitely Is Not

You have at least a solid understanding of what preventive care is. You know that it means you’re taking an approach to keeping your oral health safe by avoiding problems, instead of allowing them to develop and then attempting to treat them with professional dental services. Prevention includes brushing, flossing, checkups, cleanings, and more. Beyond such details, however, there may be some things that prevention is not that you may not have realized just yet. Give our Southlake, TX team the chance to offer some beneficial wisdom regarding your preventive efforts, so you realize just how powerful they can be for your smile!

#1: Prevention Is Not An Expensive Choice

You may convince yourself that professional preventive care is an expensive choice. After all, if you just brush and floss, then you’re not spending much money. However, if you pay for dental insurance or if you pay for cleanings and checkups out of pocket, either way it’s more money! We understand your logic, of course. However, we remind you that without this oral health protection, you’ll develop tartar! As a result, you will likely end up with cavities, gum disease, or other issues that will eventually require restorative or specialized care. The least expensive way to keep your smile truly healthy? Relying on prevention both at home and with us.

#2: Prevention Is Not A Waste Of Time

As mentioned, you may think that preventive care is a waste of time if you’re coming in for cleanings, checkups, and more. What you’re not keeping in mind is the fact that you really cannot do enough with brushing and flossing alone! Now, add to this the fact that issues like bruxism or TMJ may require treatment (both of which are considered preventive, which you cannot provide for yourself, and which can offer exceptional protection against long-term damage), and you see: It’s worth it.

#3: Prevention Is Not Difficult To Achieve

Good news: Preventive care may sound time-consuming to you but it is not! Your care at home is simple, of course (just brushing and flossing). As for the time it takes to receive professional preventive care? You need to see us for two brief visits only two times every year. It’s a tiny bit of effort for exceptional results.

Stick With Our Preventive Services To Protect Your Smile

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