Month: November 2018

3 Things That Are So, So Easy With Implants

There are some things about dental implants you may not have quite right and our Southlake, TX team would like to set the record straight! Why do we want to do this, you ask? Well, because we know that in many cases, patients tend to assume a life with implants is going to make things… Read more »

Your Smile And Realism: How It Can Help

Do you lie in bed at night, wondering if you got every last bit of bacteria off of your teeth, hoping that you aren’t doing anything that could lead to a cavity because ending up with tooth decay would mean you’re a failure? Do you visualize your future dream smile by finding a celebrity’s smile… Read more »

Scribble Cakes For Kids!

Ooh! Ahh! What a delightful and delicious way to guide your kiddos into holiday time! What more could your little ones ask for then to have the chance to get creative with cupcakes (and to eat them, too)? If you’re all about the sweet treats and you never pass up a chance to learn more… Read more »

The New Year: Sometimes, You Should Just Resolve To Get Started

When you are looking forward to a brand new year, it’s very easy to get swept up in the promise that a clean slate offers! As a result, rather than coming up with resolutions that will be quite easy for you to follow through on, you may find yourself resolving for things that require a… Read more »

Important Things To Remember About Oral Cancer

Just about everything and anything you learn about oral cancer, assuming it is accurate, is important! However, from our perspective as your Southlake, TX dental care team, there are some highlights that we find particularly significant for you to consider because they will help you maintain a healthy smile. Remember, keeping an eye on your… Read more »

Ornament Making Workshop 2018

Do you remember making ornaments in school when you were a little one? Is there an ornament on your tree covered in glitter and clearly handmade that your own child made? When it comes to holiday time, there’s just something nostalgic and lovely about creating your very own ornaments that will be treasured for years… Read more »

Questions About Your Smile’s Stains

Do you have smile stains? Are you realizing lately that you have questions about them because something related to your discoloration is causing you to feel confused? This is natural! From feeling curious about why you have stains to wondering if it’s time to come in for teeth whitening (or if you will even qualify… Read more »

Get Your Tooth Loss Treatment Going Today!

When you’re at the very beginning of your experience with losing teeth and figuring out what to do to make things better, you may feel like you’re climbing quite a steep mountain. Fortunately, the experience can be an easy one! Think of it as an adventure instead of a challenge. If one of your main… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Porcelain Veneers (And A Crown!)

For some patients, a glance in the mirror reveals a smile that doesn’t necessarily cause a ton of concern but one the may still elicit a grimace. Are you struggling with a smile that you feel is “okay” but you face some esthetic issues you would feel so much better about if you could improve… Read more »

Get Your Gingivitis Under Control Immediately

If you have an active case of gingivitis, the thing you need more than anything else right now in order to protect your oral health is to get it under control. This is going to require a multi-faceted approach that, though it’s not very challenging, you simply have to follow through on! Remember, when you… Read more »