Your All-Day Checklist For Safe Teeth And Gums

Have you ever thought about your entire day as it applies to your smile care? If you are like many patients that we see at our Southlake, TX practice, you may instead tend to get through your methods of oral health protection minute by minute. Fortunately, when you consider taking a bit of a step back and considering everything that you should be doing throughout a full day, it can make the process feel much simpler and easier. As long as you check off each task (don’t worry, there aren’t that many), you’ll know that you’re taking the right steps to enjoy smile health that remains in excellent condition.

In The Morning

When you talk with us during a checkup and cleaning about what you need to do, the first thing we will discuss is your brushing and flossing! Dental hygiene, as you know, is the foundation of what makes for excellent smile care at home. So, let’s walk you through the way your morning should look and you’ll know that you’re on track with your habits:

  • You should brush your teeth (always with a soft-bristle brush and toothpaste free of abrasives)
  • Brushing should last about two minutes!
  • You may choose to floss now or you may save it for your evening hygiene routine

After Lunch

You might have assumed that caring for your smile was something that you should really just worry about doing in the morning and evening. However, if you want your smile health to remain as safe as possible, our team encourages you to remember to rinse very well after you eat lunch. It just takes some swishing with water! If you have time and a sink, you may brush and floss, too! Want an alternative? Chew gum (free of sugar, of course) for 20 minutes.

In The Evening

Now, for your evening routine to keep your smile health on track: You will pretty much be doing the same thing you did in the morning to prevent all manner of concerns, such as decay and gum disease! You’ll need to brush your teeth with the same approach. Then, if you didn’t floss, it will be time to do so to complete your dental hygiene session! If you’ve already flossed, you’re done once you brush!

Come See Our Team For Preventive Smile Care

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