Beware: Turning Smile-Healthy Snacks Into Unhealthy Ones!

If you’re quite conscious of the foods you eat and how they may affect your oral health, then you would probably want someone to let you know if you were overlooking little details that were causing otherwise smile-healthy snacks to be, well … not so safe for your smile. While you likely have a good handle on this particular topic, our Southlake, TX team likes to offer some examples of little mishaps every now and then, just in case what your snack-and-meal planning needs is the slightest “aha!” moment. The result? You’ll know you’re doing all that you can to keep your grin healthy.

Apple Slices (In Sugary Dip)

Do you ever head out to a restaurant, where you proudly select the apple slices as your side item, rather than chips or fries? Good for you! This is a wise selection for your overall health and for your oral health, too. However, don’t forget to take a moment to think through your choice if anything other than the apple slices come to the table. They are frequently accompanied by dip! If it’s a natural yogurt dip, then no problem! However, if it’s a sugary sweet dip, a “yogurt” dip packed with sugar, caramel sauce, or something similar, then your smile-safe snack is safe no more. Skip added sugars and enjoy the natural sweetness instead!

Milk (With Chocolate Syrup)

You may be delighted when you realize that beyond being able to drink water to protect your oral health, you can enjoy a nice, tall glass of milk without worrying too much. Yes, milk has some naturally occurring sugar, but it’s quite a tiny amount. Plus, milk is full of calcium, which is good for your smile health! Unfortunately, if you get the big idea to add chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, or any other sweet mix into your milk, well, you may be negating those benefits of smile protection you were so excited about. Consider skipping the additions and simply enjoy the milk on its own! It’s much safer for your oral health. Curious about how to enjoy sweets without hurting your teeth? Ask for some tips the next time you see our team for a checkup!

See Us For Nutrition Tips To Protect Your Smile

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